Saturday, April 5, 2008

California Adventures!!!

What a fun day!!!! We decided to spend the entire day in California Adventures today. We tried to get all the shows but the lines were long ect... or we didn't get there in time.

As soon as we walked in the park the High School Musical show was just about to start there in the main plaza area. So the kids all sat down on the front row. During the show they called kids up to help in one of the songs and Katya and Tay got to go up! They got to drum on buckets with spoons! Later on Tay got to go up and do the limbo in one of them. The last song they called about 50 kids up to teach them the dance and all our kids got to go up! Tay stayed for some reason. It was so cool!!!

We were headed to the Monsters Inc show when the kids met Goofy. He teased Tay's hair till there was a huge rats nest on her head!! The kids loved the Monsters show. Not as much as the Shrek show at Universal though.

On our way to the other side of the park the Pixar Parade started. We got great seats again! We were so lucky that day. I stood on a wall to get pictures. As the Ratatouille group came through there were 4 chefs on stilts. One bent down to say hi the the kids (mine included) and he lost his balance. He tried to catch himself on a palm tree and missed it. He fell right into the crowd. Hit a lady on teh head and landed on a stroller. It was so stunned to even get pictures! The rest of the parade was so cool!

We rode on all the rides we could get on. Katya cried and screamed in the ferris wheel moving gondolas. I was almost embarrassed at how much she was screaming. We were headed out to get dinner when people started to get settled to watch the electric parade. It was the kids favorite parade. It was so cool! Joe was so nice. He brought me a hot chocolate!

As we left, the fireworks at Disneyland started so we stopped to watch and then went home.