Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy busy busy!!!!

It is a wild ride at the Eames home this season. Our 3 girls are discovering they LOVE theater. Taylor is rehearsing 3 shows, Katya has 2 and Brynn just has the one where all 3 girls are on stage together. They are doing so wonderful! I am amazed at how easily this comes to them. They will be on stage Dec 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th and 18th. If you will be in town or already live here and want to go call or email me and I will get you a discount and info.

While I am getting them to rehearsals (except Tay's Wed one THANKS LAURIE LUND!!!) and soon to be performances I am also the music director of the show at the elementary school. And I sing with a professional choir and have 19 more concerts to go before the 23rd. Our big concert on Temple Square is Dec 23rd at 8:30 pm in the Assembly Hall.

In between all that there is normal life and all that has to be done in preparation for said activities and Christmas! But we are loving every minute of it and it keeps us busy and out of trouble.

With that said you can see why I have not updated my blog! Here is what has gone on in the last couple weeks.

I went with my girlfriends Lisa, Joelle and Stacey on our annual girls night to the Utah Chocolate Show. It was smaller this year but I think I had more fun! Joelle's sisters came along with us this year. We had such a great time trying all the chocolates and all other kids of food there. The chocolate fountain was a popular place. There was a cake contest. Those were some AMAZING cakes! After we gorged on all the sweets it was time to put real food in our belly. We headed down to Johnny Carino's (where we go every year) Our fav waiter has since left since last year but we had a great replacement!!! He was awesome! We had a wonderful time talking and sharing pictures. It was a great night!

Joe and I were able to get out one night so we hit the Laughing Stock comedy show at the Off Broadway Theater where our girls perform. What a great show!!! I love that place. It is almost like a 2nd home.

We had Joe's dad's birthday lunch. All Joe's family that lives here was there even his ex step nephew! He is a really great guy. He is my age and fun to talk to.

We also had MY dad's birthday party! My brothers gave our dad such a great gift!!! They cut the pocket off of one of their mission suits and put their name tag on it and put it in a special frame!! It looks so cool!

We did some yard work and raked up all the leaves. I think my tree needs to grow less leaves....
Ry had a blast jumping into the piles. I tried to make a virtual flip book but I can't find a place to make one...

Thanksgiving was at the Jensen's home. They own the theater that we are so fond of. We had a great night with them and their family. We had a late dinner which I was totally ok with! I had all day to prepare the rest of my desserts and I didn't feel rushed. It was very nice. After we stuffed ourselves beyond capacity some of us fell asleep while others talked. Soon we had a roaring game of American Idol (karaoke) on the Wii going. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!!! Every one took turns singing. We started cleaning up around midnight and bid our farewells.

Well thats been our life in a giant nutshell. We are staying busy but like they say the busier you are the more you tend to be able to fit in.

We are so excited for this Christmas Season that has begun. I love how nearly the whole world becomes just a bit nicer to one another. I love the music. I love the parties and friends and socializing. I am especially grateful for the birth of our Savior. With out Him life would be meaningless.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!