Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Trip to the Dr

So the last 2 weeks I started noticing my breast implant doing the same thing it was doing when I went in for surgery. My Dr had told me to start massage to prevent scar tissue. As soon as I started they fell right back into the same pocket they had created before. UGH!!!

I called my Dr this morning since Saturday I got some new bras to try and fix it without surgery. He really likes 2 of the choices I made so we will stick with those for 2 months and see what happens. O 2 more months of sleeping in a bra. JOY!

Anyway this was all so I could tell you the HILARIOUS things Ryan said!!!

While we were waiting for the Dr to come in I changed into a robe. Ryan started saying " What if I was a grownup and I had to go to the Dr but I went to the wrong Dr place. I went to the girl Dr place and I was a boy. A girl place like this."

I answered him saying "sometimes boys come to this Dr if they need noses or other parts of their faces or bodies fixed."

He said " Like lips?"

"Not usually" I said

Dr Warnock came in and I showed him my issue. Showed him the new bras. He stepped out so I could put one on for him to see if it gave good support ect...

I proceeded to put it on and Ryan says " Mommy you have nice boobies but they are broken huh?"

OH MY HECK!!!!!!!!!!! It took all I had to not laugh! I answered "yah they are kinda broken. Thats why I am seeing the Dr."

He then asked " why do mommy girls have big boobies and not little girls?"

I told him that Heavenly Father made mommies that way so they could feed their babies.

He looked shocked and said "They eat them!?!" It was even harder not to laugh that time!!!

Just then Dr Warnock was walking in.
I told him that no they don't eat them. The mommies make milk and the babies drink it from the mommies.

It was SOOOOOOOO funny!!! Kids!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Best and Worst Birthday EVER!!!!!!!!!!

So this years birthday was SOOOOOOOOO much better then last years! But it also had a scary ending.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. I did my usual Thursday thing and went to Taylor's class for spelling. I took treats in for the kids. Then I went to my nail appointment. I ran a few more errands and then WAITED for my favorite part of the day. DINNER

Joe took me to the Melting Pot [] That is my number 1 favorite place to eat! It is so freakin expensive that we have gone 3 times now in the last 6 years. It is SOOOOOOOOO worth it! We went with Gordon and Kendra. Dear friends of ours. Kendra's birthday is 4 days after mine so we celebrated together. We had the BEST time!!! We were there for 3 hours! You don't even notice being there that long. That is why I love that place. You eat for 3 straight hours but it is just the perfect amount of food. You don't feel like you are going to die. UGH! I Love that place!!!

Anyway we had a wonderful time.

The scary part came just as we were sitting to dinner. Joe's dad called. Joe's mom had gone to the hospital feeling weird. The were keeping her for observation. Nothing serious had happened but they wanted to run a few more tests.

So today I went back to the school for Kids Market place. The 3rd graders all choose an occupation. Based on that occupation they get $$ to spend on life's necessities and they can choose how much they want to spend on those things. I was at the clothing table. Most kids picked yard sale/thrift store for $5. It is a great program and they learn that life isn't cheap.

I had plans to go to lunch with my cousin after I was done at the school. I got done a bit early so I came home to change. Only to hear that Joe's mom had a heart attack that morning! We went to go see her at the hospital. Thanks Lisa for watching Brynn and Ryan last minute!!

I took the car so I could go to lunch. Joe took his motorcycle. I got to the new hospital in Murray right near his parents house. I went to the place I was told and they told me they had no patient by that name!! I tried to call Joe. No answer. I wandered around the hospital for nearly 45 minutes! I went back to teh car to get my cell. Still no Joe. Finally he calls. He asks "Where are you?!" I ask him the same thing. I tell him I have been all over the new hospital and they don't have her in their system anywhere. He kind of starts laughing and says she is at the U hospital!! Why didn't he just say the U or the University Hospital??!! UGH! I get up there finally. Saw Mom. She is doing well (update on separate blog)

We left but I didn't have time to go to lunch :( So I came home and went to another nail appointment to fill my toes. Then Joe and I went to see the new play at the OBT (the same place Tay had her play)

It was the best show I have ever seen!!!! I laughed so hard through the whole thing! I LOVED it!! Everyone in Utah you HAVE to go see it!!!! The show is Indianapolis Jones and the Raiders of teh Temple of the Kingdom of the Last Crusade. It is an absolute riot!!! It runs every Monday, Friday adn Saturdahy night at 7:30. Mondays are 1/2 price!

I was having such a good time that we decided to stay for the improve show. It is my birthday! The improve show was just as good as the play.. Intermission came and I went to talk to Sandy the owner. We are friends. The show started again. My favorite skit came on. Half Life. They take a made up situation and turn it into a skit. The have 1 min to begin with. Then the cut it in half over and over til at the end they have 1 second to finish the scene. I am waiting to hear the audiences ideas when Cody who was MCing asked where Jen Eames was!!! I raise my hands and say thats me!! He tells everyone its my birthday and pulls me from the audience. He asks me about myself. My likes dislikes, job, husband what he does ect... I answer and he announces that this Half Life will be a day in the life of Jen!!!!!!!!! It was so freakin awesome!!!! I have never had the best time EVER!!!!!!! They were all so right on! It was the best!!!! I love those guys!!! I can't wait to go back. I think I will next weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Look!

I got a new look today! I knew I would need to go short for my upcoming shoulder surgery.

100 Things About Me

Well I got tagged by Amy so here it goes....

1. I am an only child
2. I have 14 siblings. I am the oldest
3. I sing in a semi-professional choir
4. I LOVE to sing solos
5. I won't volunteer to though. I have to be asked
6. I LOVE traveling. I didn't realize I did until I went!
7. I have been to Cali, Vegas, NYC, DC, Virginia, Florida, the Caribbean(Honduras, Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman), Hawaii(want to go to Maui), Texas, Canada, Oregon Coast
8. I HAVE to go to Germany. I will be dead meat by my German daughter Anja if I don't
9. I love being married
10. I have been married to Joe for 11 yrs (3/29)
11. He is my BEST friend
12. We both love to stay up all night doing what ever.
13. Currently its going to the OBT's comedy show @10pm then out with the owners to sushi til' 1:30am
14. I HATE sushi or ANY seafood for that matter. I just go for the socializing
15. I am a party girl. I love entertaining or going out to play
16. I am an admitted shopoholic
17. I LOVE shoes. 70+pairs
18. I LOVE jewelry namely Lia Sophia. I have 1 armoire FULL and a wall armoire almost full.
19. I love new tops.
20. I love them cuz I got new boobs in '07. LOVE them!!!!
21. I love to go out to eat
22. my fav place is cheesecake factory but I love the johnny carinos in sandy for the waiter. He rocks!!!
23. I hate it when people chew with their mouth open
24. I hate slow stupid drivers
25. I am a speed demon. No accidents that were my fault.
26. I love motorcycles. I rode my first one at age 4
27. I frequently go to Walmart at 11 at night.
28. My fav place to relax is my hot tub.
29. I love to read... ALOT
30. I used to but then for a long time I didn't. Its amazing what depression will do to you
31. Acrylic doesn't adhere to my nails(or gels ect..)
32. I have to go in every 10 days for a fill
33. I change my acrylic color almost every time
34. We have had 4 exchange students. I still talk to 3 of them. 1 more often the the rest
35. I wish we could have more but Riverton High says they won't take any
36. I hate the snow and cold
37. Arizona sounds like a great place to live
38. Our house is a zoo. 3 cats, 2 dogs, hamster and a snake. We had more but they died.(hermit crabs and frogs)
39. the dogs are Corde(a mastiff) and Chewie (a sheltie)
40. I LOVE big dogs. I want another one
41. I love my new cell phone
42. Not sure how I ever lived with out one
43. I was engaged when I met and got engaged to Joe. That was a rough Christmas....
44. I still talk to and once every few years go out with my ex
45. I am a mean mom. Tough love is my middle name
46. I love my kids. They amaze me every day
47. Mornings suck
48. I scrapbook binge maybe once every 3 years
49. Blogging is WAY easier!
50. I am pretty computer savvy
51. I am a fast learner
52. I only like to learn stuff that is important to me or will benefit me.
53. I am not one for random facts
54. I love change. especially my look
55. I spend WAY too much time on the computer just messing around
56. Cleaning is my enemy
57. Laundry is worse
58. Short hair is not my favorite on me
59. I love service. Joe says I am a rescuer
60. A full house is a happy house.
61. My house is a revolving door, like a hotel
62. I hate homework. My own and my kids'
63. I volunteer at the school as often as I can
64. Sometimes I sub there as a teacher
65. I am a coordinator for CETUSA. They place exchange students. Want one?
66. I have always been VERY laid back. Even as a child
67. I have a very good memory especially if I see it in writing
68. I am a chewer. I need to have something in my mouth when I am just sitting around
69. Cats are my favorite animal
70. I have had over 30 cats in my life (only kept 20 as pets)
71. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert
72. I love coffee flavored anything except coffee
73. I have read over 40 books since Jan 4th of this year
74. I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid
75. Now I want to be a marriage/sex therapist/counselor
76. I don't want to go back to school
77. I am a zombie if I nap during the day
78. I share my birthday with my grandma and my niece and Barbra Streisand
79. My friend Holly secretly taught me how to shop and dress. THANK YOU!!!!!
80. I sold Mary Kay and almost earned a car
81. I love camping and hiking
82. I LOVE surprises. Love getting them and love giving them
83. I have become very sneaky to hide a surprise
84. I am a super sleuth
85. I have chronic depression
86. Out of 5 colleges and 3 different times I applied I was NEVER accepted
87. If I had gone to school I would not have met Joe
88. Never worked fast food
89. I make friends easy
90. Joe says one of his favorite things about me is I can make anyone feel comfortable when they are around me
91. Hot showers are the best
92. Joe and I take at least one overnight a month away from home and kids
93. Tivo is the best thing invented!
94. Spontaneity makes life fun. I am the best person to call for last minute fun
95. Chocolate is my weakness
96. Cheesecake Factories Godiva Cheesecake will get you anything you want
97. I love old movies
98. and new movies
99. I have been in many solo competitions. Almost went to state my Sr year
100. I love to lazy

I am tagging Leanna, Janelle, Holly P. and Emily R.

Monday, April 14, 2008

FHE Gun Safety

Joe's cousin Rob invited us to go up the canyon with his family to teach the kids gun safety and have some dinner and dutch oven cobbler. We had a really good time.

We went out west of Utah Lake up and old canyon. There was SOOOOOOOOO much junk! It would take a whole troop of Eagle scouts ALL doing their project to get it clean again!

There was an abandoned truck out there that was all shot up. The front end had been blown up! The kids had fun hiking around in there finding random treasures.

I used to go shooting all the time with my dad growing up. So I knew this would be a great learning opportunity for the girls. I learned how to shoot pretty good as a kid and I want my girls and Ryan to understand guns and how they feel. Once you know that you have more respect for them.

We ate then the older guys Joe, Rob his son Thane got to shoot the 12 gauge at clay pigeons(skeet). I REALLY wanted to but I was afraid my shoulder would dislocate again with the kick of the gun on my shoulder so I didn't.

The girls got to take turns shooing a pellet gun, 22 rifle and a 22 hand gun. They did a pretty good job for their first time. His boys had only been out a few times before and were really good as well.

I had been explaining to Rob how often I had gone shooting. I was pretty sure he didn't believe me. My assumption was true when I picked up the handgun, fired 3 times right into a plastic jug that was 150 yards away and Rob said "You really have been shooting alot. Really nice shooting!"

I was pretty proud of myself that I still had the skills. It has been over 13 yrs since I last shot a gun.

All the kids got pretty dirty.
It was windy and lots of dry dirt.
Add in food and drinks and you
have really dirty kids.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Katya's science project

Katya had to come up with her own idea for a science project. She decided to use our hamster.

She wanted to see how long it would take the hamster to learn how to go through a maze with no mistakes. She and Joe built a maze. She timed Winky every day after school 3x. It took 3 days for her to learn how to go straight to the end.

Katya turned in her project today and it was a huge hit! She received a participation award.

Visiting Friends

Our last California stop was of course the most important! We stopped to see our very good friends the Platts. They lived behind us in West Jordan and moved to Indio (near Palm Desert and Palm Springs) just a few weeks after we moved to Riverton. The girls were so excited to see the boys and asked every 20 min or so if we were there yet. Finally when I saw the windmills I could tell them we were REALLY close. Our kids are all close to the same ages and were really good friends when we lived near them and it was not any different this time.

We invited them over to our condo to go swimming. The kids had a blast! They played and swam for what seemed like forever! There was a HUGE pool, a kid pool and water fountains that come out of the cement. That was just one pool area of the 3 the resort has!

Holly and I were really starting to get hungry so we pulled 7 reluctant children out of the water and we headed to Red Robin for dinner. Once we got there the kids immediately paired off. Katya and Parker, Taylor and Isaac and Brynn and Chloe. The big Red Robin was there. Chloe was not too happy to see him. The rest were though. Although I don't think Parker, Katya and Taylor would admit it.

The 4 oldest got to have a table all to themselves and get waited on like adults. They thought they were the coolest kids ever. It was so cute! We were there nearly all night!

Once home and kids all tucked in Holly and I went out for our habitual late night Wal-mart shopping. We found some fun stuff but mostly it was great just doing what we always did when we lived by each other. We were severely tired but we had fun anyway. Who doesn't have fun when the fitting room is closed so you have to try on clothes OVER your existing clothes?

I am so glad we made the stop. I wish we had been able to stay another day or two but I had to get back to Salt Lake for 2 concerts I had to sing at that weekend. We are hoping to come back out in October when the kids go back off track again.

Disney again!

Today was a special day at Disneyland again! We went to Disneyland with our good friends and neighbors the Rasi-Koskinens. Their daughter Kirsi is Brynn's best friend. How cool is that! Who goes to Disneyland with their best friend at the age of 5?! We also teach their other daughter Kaylee at church. We just LOVE their kids. It was so much fun being with them. We had a great day.

Right off we got to see Suzy Mouse
from Cinderella. We didn't get to
see Cinderella at all! Surprisingly
Brynn wasn't all that upset about it.

Yesterday Brynn REALLY wanted to go on the Dumbo ride but it was SOOOOOO long and not so easy to get Samantha in one of the elephants so we didn't go. I promised her it would be the first ride we went on. Sure enough she remembered and off we went to ride flying elephants.
We did the teacups again.

Then it was off to Pirate Island to find Captain Jack Sparrow. As we docked on the island I realized we left the autograph books in the stroller instead of in the bag I had. RRRRRR! I sent Joe back to get them. The island was SOOOOOOO cool! I wish we had spent more time there. We lost Ry for a bit. There were these caves all over that went everywhere. The kids had a blast! They all had to go potty so we sat out side the rest room waiting for them.

I called Joe to see where he was. He was just getting back so I told him if he finds Captain Jack to call and we'll come running. I ended the call and looked up just as Captain Jack came out of the employee area! How lucky was that?! The kids were SOOOOOOO excited! We got great pictures of him. He was a great Captain Jack. You would almost think it was Johnny Depp. He took Katya's little purse thing and shook it by his ear and kept it and kept walking away. TOO funny! I forgot to get my picture with him. I was sad at the end of the day...

We headed over to California Adventures and stopped for lunch near Bug Land then headed over there to see the bug show. It was really cute! The 3D glasses made you look like you had a bug face. As we ventured further into Bug Land we saw Princess Atta. Brynn and Kirsi were so excited!

We went on the lady bugs and the bumper bugs. The line for the last one said 20 min. We were in line for nearly an hour and it wasn't a very easy line to get back out of so we just stayed. We got to the front and realized we didn't have enough adults to take all the kids on the ride. So Ryan got to ride with a Disney person! He thought he was so cool.

When we came out of the ride we couldn't' find G-ma! We looked all over bug land. No G-ma! I stopped a security officer and gave him her description and our phone numbers. After that Joe went one way and I went another. We were going to miss our Princess dinner if we didn't find her soon. About 10 min later Joe found her. Crazy G-ma! She really thought we had just left and gone on with out her.

We made it on time for our special princess dinner. It was so amazing. The food was crap but to see the kids' faces when they got the special attention from each princess it was awesome! Ryan REALLY liked Belle. He showed her a "neat trick". He did a forward roll on the floor in the middle of the restaurant. He couldn't stop talking to her! It was SO cute!

Joe and I then Joe and Tay went on the California Screamin'. That was a blast. It was Tay's Favorite ride! The kids rode the merry go round and then we headed back to Disneyland. As we left the kids asked for cotton candy so Joe got some. The lady asked Ryan to say "Thanks Scallywag"(he was wearing his pirate ears) He did and she gave him a free cotton candy! He was so proud of that cotton candy!

We wanted to go on Pirates again and see how the line for Indiana Jones was. As we walked in we saw Mickey, Minnie(again), Donald and Goofy(again). Ryan was beside himself. He saw the 2 people he wanted to.

We rode Pirates again and then headed back to the condo. We waved good by to the Happiest Place on Earth. We will go back again soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


What a fabulous day! We stayed in Disneyland all day! It was WAY busier and alot more crowded then it was on Saturday! We couldn't believe it!

We got to spend the day with Joe's sister Jackie and her husband Russel and their daughter Samantha. The kids were so excited to see their cousin. With Samantha with us in her wheelchair we got to go to the front of most of the lines! Samantha was born with Spina Bifida. She will never walk.

Our first ride was the Haunted Mansion. I was surprised that Tay was scared but Joe wasn't helping any....

We headed over to the tea cups next. That was fun! It was the only ride Ryan REALLY wanted to go on. He's asked to go on it every day since we got here. We all split up. Joe got the kids, I got Jackie and Russel and Ryan and Grandma just went and joined a strangers tea cup! Too funny!

Next was Alice in Wonderland and then Storybook land.

We headed over to go on Nemo but the line was 2 hours long!!! And there was not a fast pass! We decided to break for lunch and as we were leaving Buzz came! Ryan wanted to meet 2 people. Buzz and Mickey. He was SOOOOOOOO excited! He ran over there so fast he forgot his autograph book!

On our way to the car to eat we saw Gepetto.
Ry got to sit on his knee.

After lunch it was time to go on Buzz Lightyear! What a super fun ride!!! Every one gets a lazer gun and you shoot at targets adn bad guys as you go through the ride! It was so cool! Ry LOVED it. So did Joe he almost had the super high score!

Star tours was next. The kids LOVED it and wanted to go again! Ryan thought we had actually got to outer space!

We headed over to go see Honey I Shrunk the Audience and ran into Minnie Mouse!

Ryan got a big giant kiss from her!

It started to get cold and I thought my jacket was in the stroller but it wasn't so I ran out to the van. While I ran out there every one went on the Jungle Cruise. I like that ride so I was sad I missed it... I came back jacket less! We had left it at the condo somehow. The kids were just coming down from Tarzan's tree house when I got back. In the tree house Tay climbed all the way to the top of the rope!

Pirates was our next stop! Everyone loves this ride and today was no exception. We went again later. As the ride begins they say "no flash photography" I turned off my flash and then took a picture. It flashed! I couldn't believe it! So I turned it off again and took pictures then toward the end it flashed again! Stupid camera....

We went on the Winnie the Pooh Ride. We had to wait for the wheelchair car to come. Once it did the music stopped! So we rode the ride in silence. We went to the shop after and when we came out there was sound again so we went again. Much better with sound.

We got ears for all the kids. They took a long time
deciding which ones they wanted but in the end
they all picked the perfect ones.

It was time to call it a night. We went to the front gate to watch the fireworks show so we could beat the crowd out. We had great seats! I had never seen the new show with all the words and music before. I was in tears because it was so magical and I was so glad that I could give this experience to my kids.

We said good night and good bye to our family and went to IHOP to eat. The kids fell asleep at the table.

It was a very long day but so amazing and full of magic and wonder and happiness.