Monday, November 17, 2008

The BEST Weekend EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2 best friends Breezy and Danita flew in for the weekend so we could celebrate being best friends for 20 yrs!!!!

We decided he best way to do that was to go see New Kids on the Block!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (really wanted to use a diff word... ;) )

It was UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will start at the beginning. Breezy was supposed to be here Fri night at 6:30. Her flight was canceled due to plane malfunction. She was able to get on a later flight that was to get in at 11:30pm. Danita got in just before 9. We went and grabbed food and went to the OBT for the comedy show. What a riot!!! The did the best game of Hecklers I had ever seen!!! Then they did Late for work just for me and Danita cuz we had to leave before the 2nd half of the show. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!!!

We left there and went to the airport to get Breezy! Her flight was another 30 min late! Oh well she got here and it was the BEST to finally see her again! We started for baggage claim when she said all she had was the her backpack. It wasn't even full!!! D had packet 2 suitcases and I had a huge full packed duffle and I still forgot stuff!

We headed to our hotel up in Ft. Union. We settled in and talked FOREVER and probably annoyed our neighbors. Oh well!!! Then we hit the hot tub! The place we stayed had a 24 hr hot tub (I made sure they did) It was so nice to relax and enjoy. We stayed up WAY too late and woke up just at the tail end of breakfast.

After breakfast we watched the rest of 27 dresses that we had started to watch in the dining room. Then we all slowly got ready for the day. We went to Ross and went shopping for D so she could find a jewel colored shirt for our photo shoot.

YES!!! I said photo shoot!!! D has a photographer friend in Springville that came up and did our pics. She was awesome! We got some amazing shots. I can't wait to see them! I did things with my foot that NO ONE had better tell my dr. But I was very careful and ony once almost hurt myself.

We left Salt Lake and went straight to the Cheesecake Factory. YUM!!!! There was a slight wait so we went and hung out in Nordstroms. Looked at shoes and D and I got our make up done at the Lancome counter. We looked smokin hot and ready for our big night! Dinner was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO yum!!! I love avocado eggrolls!

We ran back to the hotel to quickly change into our concert attire and poof up our hair. After we were satisfied we looked like older versions of our 15 year old selves we headed out to go see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The concert was beyond words. I wasn 't expecting much. I was blown away and am completely in love with them again!!!! We were all screaming and finding ourselves giggling all night. They were even more amazing then when we were teenagers. I will be glowing for weeks!!! It was so awesome!!!!!!!!! After the concert we tried to use my E Center contacts to get back stage but the people I knew have all left. We were so sad..... We ran around the building and watched for them to get on thier busses. We watched Joey leave and thats all the cold we could stand. It was after 1 am and we were FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!

We popcicled our way back to the car and went to eat at the Waffle House in Ft Union. It was so good and warm. Near 2:30am we headed back to our hotel. We went to the hot tub again and warmed up even more. After we got back to the room Breez crashed hard and D and I uploaded pics and vidieos to the internet. I crashed somewhere around 4. Danita stayed up til 6am!!! Silly girl.

We slept in til we had 40 min to get out of the hotel. We missed breakfast. We were almost ready and they came looking for us. We were out of there by 12:30 AND starving. In keeping with our anniversary theme we headed to Red Robin. We tried 2 new sandwhiches. They were really good! We left there in search of a park to inhale our cheesecake from the night before. We settled on the one down the street from G-ma Eames house. Joe was there getting the kids so we had them stop by so we could take pics of them for Breezy to take back to her kids. They are all really good friends too. We then took Breezy to the airport.

I hate "see you laters"

Danita got to spend the evening with me at her brothers house and then my choir rehearsal. Monday we had lunch with Tomoko and Angie. Roomamates of Danita's in Provo froma few years ago. That was way fun and I have a new friend!!! Angie just lives in South Jordan! We also went to the play reahearsal for the school then it was time to get D packed and to the airport. Again I had to say "see you later"

2.5 days was not enough......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updates to come....

So don't get your panties in a wad Amy!!

I'm workin on it!

We have been unbelievably busy since my last post.

Joe and I went to Vegas, we took the kids to see the Halloween show at the OBT (where they will be performing in Dec), I had foot surgery, we had Halloween Parties all over! The girls have play rehearsals on Mon, Wed, Wed, and Sat. Tay has acting lessons on Thurs. I direct the music for the play at the school so I'm doing that and recovering from surgery and getting everyone every where. We had my niece Megan's 1st b-day. I have also been subbing at the school. Not to mention dr appts. Joe and I also went to the Real game which they won so it kept them in the play offs. They beat LA and now will play NY this weekend!!

So we have been busy. I will publish posts with pics highlighting all the big events and some small ones.

Vegas Baby!!!

We had a great trip!!!! What a blast!!!!!

We got in Fri night and had been told of this club so we went and checked it out. It was fun and while Joe went to the bar to get a diet he walked upon a scene of a guy cleaning up a spill near a preg woman. He looked down, looked at her nad asked "did your water break?" She nearly died from laughter. She loved Joe right off nad got her husband. They came back to where I was and we all hit it off. We talked with them and got all the local scoop on Vegas. He is a chef at a great Medditeranian place. Sat we met him there at lunch. He cooked for us then came out and hung out with us. Sat night the club was having a jungle theme night. They invited us to go with them. So we did and hung out with them til dawn! It was so much fun! They are great people! During the day Sat before lunch we did some window shopping at the new mall ther ein Vegas. AWESOME place! We did some real shopping at the Armani store. We had lunch then we hit the strip for a while then we went to savers to find jungle clothes. They were having a great sale so we walked out of there with a crap load of winter clothes for the kids!

Sunday we slept ALLLL day. After staying up til 4 one night and dawn the next we were pooped. We made it down to the strip at dinner time and hit this great Japanese place in the Paris. Great food and beautiful place. We walked the strip a bit longer then headed back to the hotel to sleep again.

Monday the sun FINALLY came out!!!!!! I decided to take a vaca day and wore jeans and a tank top. After a few guys OBVIOUSLY were staring and "not" staring Joe and I decided to make a game out of it. It was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! We laughed all day at the guys who blatently stared, the ones who looked then looked at joe and looked away really fast and he ones who tried to look like they weren't looking. It was a blast! I got a henna tattoo on my lower back. It looked so pretty! AND we for got to take a pic of it! Rrrrrrrrrr!

Monday night was the whole reason we went. Terry Fator!!!!!!! What an AMAZING show!!!!!!!! I would have paid double to see it. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! 3 times I was so overwhelmed by his amazing talent I was brought to tears. After the show we had the chance to meet him and get pics with him. He is a great guy and so real. In the audience was Tony Orlando (google him) We got to meet him after the show as well! He was a great guy and told Joe that he was a very lucky guy to be married to me.

Tues we hung out on the strip for a while then headed home. In the Bellagio there is this atrium area. They had it all decorated for fall. It was so beautiful!

We had a great time and can't wait to go see Terry again!

My last surgery for 2008 (I hope!)

On Monday we had our last Hoorah as a family before my surgery on my foot. We took the kids along with a bunch of my family and some friends to see the halloween show at the OBT. Dracula vs the Hunchback. 2 hrs of straight hilarity ensued!!! It was awesome!!!! What a great show. If you missed it you can blame me....... I wasn't doing my job to blog about it.

After the show we met Dracula outside and Ry used the force on him

On Wed the 22nd I went in for bunion surgery. I really hadn't planned on one last surgery. I really had had enough of them. BUT there is always a but... I wanted to see this new dr and see how I liked him and get his opinion on my foot. After talking to him he really wanted me in to get it taken care of before it turned into a bigger problem. He promised I would be able to stand for all my Christmas concerts and the surgery was free since my deductible was met so I said ok lets do it one more time...

Now here I am 2 weeks post op. I am doing far better then I would have thought. I am able to be to the rehearsals and direct the kids in the songs. I can do most house work so I am feeling productive. I have to take a pain killer every night so I can do my therapy. If I don't the pain lingers and makes me not want to continue to move my toe around. I keep hoping its not going to become an addiction. I'm in this stupid boot till Christmas....

Halloween Fun!!!

Halloween had a late start this year with us being so busy with rehearsals then me being laid up but we pulled it together at the last minute.

A few days before we had a ward Halloween party. The kids had a costume parade. It was a great night.

Every year we have all the trick or treaters and their families come in from the cold to have donuts and hot drinks. This is our 2nd yr of doing it and it has been a great success. We love it!

I got the house all decked out and it looked like a spooky dungeon.

The night before Halloween we carved pumpkins. the kids had a really fun time getting all gooey and gross. We roasted the seeds and they were YUM! We stuffed the kittens into the pumpkins. They weren't too happy about it but it made for good pics!

This year Katya was a hippie
Taylor was a toaster (yah she's weird)

Brynn was Pebbles
Ryan was Spider-Man

Corde was Clifford the Big Red Dog

They had a great time trick-or-treating. The weather was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! They all got TONS of candy. Katya went alone with her friends for the first time and she loved it.