Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What would posses a 4 1/2 yr old to
wake up
take $$ from his piggy bank
walk 3 BLOCKS to the gas station
to buy a gumball?!?!?!?!?!

Ryan is playing his reading computer game. It is talking about gumballs. He says he wants one. I say no. He answers " I won't get it in my hair" I reply "Its not your hair that concerns me its the rest of the house. You may not have gum." He continues to play his game then goes upstairs.
Awhile later I check on him & check the mail.

All is well.

I went down to the office in the basement, got online and proceeded to pick out exchange students for the host families to choose from when the doorbell rings. I go up the stairs, hear Ry run to answer it, instead he comes to the family room and he meets me coming up the stairs. I tell him I am glad he didn't answer the door. I turn the corner to see a police officer in my front room. I turn back to Ryan, say well I guess you DID answer it.

As I turn back to the officer he is shaking his head. At that moment I knew Ryan had been brought HOME by him. The officer then informed me he had picked up my son AFTER a woman had stopped and called the police. Ryan told him he was going to the gas station to buy a gumball.


Monday, February 9, 2009


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well here we are.......

Nearly 2 months has gone by!!!!!!!!! 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really am a slacker....

In my defense I did attempt to update the blog 3 different times. Then I realized I would have to change the back ground too so I did nothing... and then there was facebook....

We have been so super busy!

December was INSANE!!!!!! With the 3 girls in the show downtown and at the SAME time we had rehearsals for the show at the elementary school AND Taylor had rehearsals for another show she was in. In all of that I had my performances for the choir I am in.... Not to mention we had to fit Christmas and family stuff in there as well. Not sure how we all made it out of that month alive but we did. The kids were AMAZING on stage! They really did very well. My solo at Temple Sq was great too!

Christmas was the best!! We were all so super spoiled! The kids got mp3 players from Santa. The older girls got stuff for their room. Katya got nearly the ENTIRE Baby-sitters Club collection! I love eBay.... It was a great day! Joe got me a massage table!!!! And some beautiful art work for our room! He got a new leather jacket. Santa brought me the most beautiful jewelery from Turkey. We spent the afternoon and rest of the night with my family. A very relaxing Christmas.

We had a great New Years Party. (I love parties) Played some new games. We had a great time! January brought crunch time for rehearsals for Taylor's show and the one at the elementary. I graduated from my foot dr!!! My foot is healing well and straight! The whole family(except Katya) got the nasty cold virus that lasts for 18 days. Brynn brought it home, then it went to Tay and Ry. They were nearly done and I thought I was safe. Nope. I was down for a week. NOTHING in the house got done... it was pretty sad. lol! Joe got it half way through mine. It was a nasty one! Taylor's play was fantastic! All the kids did really well and I could tell they had learned alot. Taylor's character was goofy and got great laughs from the auduience. She truly is a natural. I hope we continue to have opportunities for her to grow this talent.

Now here we are. February 1st. The play at the elementary is in 9 days!!! I am excited! I think I am ready for it to be over though. It has been hard work and all consuming these last few weeks. For those who are just joing us I will give a tiny bit of history...

My friend and neighbor Mary gave the PTA the great idea of doing a school musical sometime down the road when there was $$ ect... A few weeks later she is asked "so do you want to do it?" Well if she had said no there wouldn't have been one and all would probably have been well BUT she said yes and what a great experience it has been for all involved! After he panic attack she called me and asked if I would be the music director. I said yes and since I was NOT recovering from a surgery at that point I can not blame the drugs... We brought Sharon on board and she has been a GREAT acting coach!!! We have rehearsed every Mon and Wed for nearly 5 months. Tomorrow starts our dress rehearsals. We will FIANLLY have the kids on stage. We will add lights sound and props and HOPE we will pull it off after 3 days of reheasals with them. THe kdis ahve worked so hard and have come so far. I am very proud of them. We were given an unexpected treat last week! One of Salt Lakes auditionees from American Idol that went to Hollywood (this season) is the nephew to our choreographer Beth. He came and met all our kids and talked to them, sang for them and posed for pictures!!! That was such a great treat for those kids!

The rest of the month will bring weddings and baby showers and trips! We will go to St George for my niece's baptism then the end of the month I get to go to OREGON!!!! I am going to see my little niece Ava who will already be 4 months old!!! I also will finally get to go to a Duncan Sheik concert!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited for that trip!!! I will get to see old friends (thank you facebook!!!) It's a great prize after all the hard work.

Well I suppose I had better make sure my kids hair is done for church... Happy February everyone!