Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another month has past

And the Eames have stayed busy. What else is new right?!

Ryan turned 5 on July 2nd! He will start Kindergarten This week!!!

We had Ryan's Ben 10 party. I had all these great plans and then it RAINED! Right as the party started of course.... so I had to superhumanly fast put up the walls to the gazebo and move everything else inside. It was crazy but the kids all had fun!

We never made it camping. Too many other things going on and schedules just didn't match up with our friends.

We spent the 4th at Riverton Days. It was a very nice relaxing day and we just did what ever we felt like! On Sunday we had Ryan's and my brother Steven's family party. We had such a great time!!! We BBQ'd and just sat and ate and talked then opened presents. After, we made a fire and made s'mores til it was dark and then did fireworks. The kids had a blast! I love how my family is growing and my kids have all these cousins!

Ryan went to the Instacare AGAIN.... this time he was "quietly" eating his PB&J sandwich while I was in the shower. Next thing I know I have a million screaming girls telling me Ryan's head is bleeding. SO I get out and throw on my robe, come down the stairs to find him laying in a tiny puddle of blood with a gaping gash in the back of his head. He was rocking back in the chair, it fell out from under him and he hit his head on the back. 3 staples in his head and a Popsicle and sno cone later all was well.

Joe's office had thier summer BBQ. We had great food and played a wild game of wiffle ball.

I went to my sister Sarah's band camp concert. I love going up to East Canyon every year to hear them. It amazes me how little time they have to rehearse but it sounds as though they had rehearsed for months! I got home just in time to go out for girls night at Chili's. I love my friends... I got another girls night for Joelle's b-day the next day too!!! Saw the Proposal! LOVED it!!! Definitely buying that one!!!!

We went up to Logan on the 19th for my newest nephew's baby blessing. We almost didn't make it but I am so glad it all worked out and that we got to go. It was so good to see family and be there for Brad and Janelle.

I took the kids to the zoo and we met our friends Joelle and her son Kaleb there. It was so much fun!! We had a great time just seeing what we wanted to see and let the kids just do whatever. No agenda. It was nice.

Well it has been a week since I began this post.... Will life EVER slow down?!

My niece Leah celebrated her 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese then back to my sister's house where the rest of the family joined us for cake and ice cream.

We FINALLY made it to the Oquirrh Mtn Temple open house. It was so wonderful to take the kids there and to tell them of special ordinances they will get to participate in soon. The temple is so beautiful inside. Def in my top 10!

We are teaching RY to ride a 2-wheeler w/o training wheels. It is going well but as to be expected is full if crashes and tears. He will get it I just know it!

Last weekend Joe and I went on a much needed reprieve. We took the motorcycle up to Park City for 3 days and rode all over the Heber Valley. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I needed the break. We had a wonderful time reconnecting after the crazy last few months we have had.

In amongst all of that I found time to place 2 more kids bringing my total to 10. 1 more and we go to ITALY!!!!!!!!! To help that along I went to Cedar City over Pioneer day with other CETUSA coordinators to find a few more host families and finish filling the schools down there. It was a fun trip and I met a ton of great people. If you have any connections down that way let me know!

Marina is from Spain. She will be with a remarkable retired couple in their beautiful home in Fruit Heights.

Maria is from Brazil and will be in Midway with the family of a Spanish teacher at Park City High.

We picked up Zi-Hyun from the airport and have begun to get her all settled for college at SLCC. We are excited to have her home!

Ryan began Kindergarten!!!! He is so excited to be at school and looked so grown up all ready to go. He is in Mrs Cleggs class and has friends there already! He got to go to school on the motorcycle with Dad. (I was at SLCC with Zi-Hyun at her Orientation.) We are on B Track this year. Katya is in 6th grade and has Mr Stirland. She really likes him. Taylor is in 5th and has Mrs Bowser. Tay is happy with her teacher so far. Brynn is in 2nd and has Ms Peterson. She says she is really nice. Eventually I will get a free min to meet with them. I was working the Kenney Chesney concert on Back to School night. I think this year will be a great year! All 4 are in school together. Its exciting!!!!

My exchange students have begun to arrive. Most of them will be here this next week with 4 arriving on Saturday! I am really excited to see what this year will bring as I include all these kids in my life.

My choir has begun rehearsals again. We will go on our local tour this year to Bear Lake. We will perform a couple times up there in various places, see Annie Get Your Gun at the Pickleville Playhouse and play on the lake.

Anja arrives this week to be with us for a month. We will go on vacation over Labor Day week. Sadly by the rules of Zi-Hyun's visa she will not be able to come with us on our vacation. We are sad that she can't come...

So life is ever still crazy but we are enjoying every minute of it!!!