Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Week 2

As you can see I had alot to catch up on. It just keeps comin....

Friday we went down to St George to buy a new trailer!!!! Love it and we love the family we bought it from! We are planning to go camping with them when they get a new trailer!

Monday we went to my parents house for Kyle's, Steven's and Ryan's birthdays.
We had a nice BBQ and time to just chill and hang out. I love my family. All the littles ones get along and love to play together. Steven made home made ice cream and it was so good!

Steven got gift card
good at the entire mall
downtown. Lucky....

We all pitched in and got Kyle a nice music stand and light so when he sings songs to teh kids on his guitar he can actually see his music! What a concept!

Ry was spoiled. We gave him a crap load of toys that Joe bought before he was even born. We had to wait til he was old enough to actually play with them.

That night we headed home with my brother Brad's dog Honey in tow. We kept her for 5 days while they went to Park City for their anniversary. She was a good dog and loved playing with my kids and dogs and my dogs loved having her around. We went camping for the 4th(another post) and she had a blast!

We went to Riverton Days for Ryan's birthday. We had Joe's cousin Darren and his family come with us. Kale(Darren's son) is Ryan's age and they are best buds. Everyone had a great time riding rides and playing games.