Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We had a very nice relaxed Thanksgiving. We went to my parents house here in Utah. We arrived at around 11:30am and we didn't leave til 11pm. We enjoyed just being together all day. We realized it was the first holiday we were all together in 4 yrs. So that made the day even better!

My brother Steven cooked the best turkey I think I have ever eaten in my life!!! He soaked it in a brine over night (not sure what went in that)
To cook it he seared it to lock in the juices then roasted it in a roaster. When it was done he popped it in the oven to get the skin crispy again. It was fantastic. The rest of the dishes were just as good.

We talked for awhile then cleaned up. We played games and ate too many desserts. We looked at the ads for the next morning and decided where we were going and what we would be getting. We had a really nice day.

The next morning I had planned to go shopping at 4 am but since we didn't get home til just before midnight I decided not to. I went out around 8 and got a few things I had intended on getting and missed some as well.... Oh well what do you do? I met up with Mom and Janelle at Khols. We had a good time. I got some nice Christmas dishes and boots for Brynn.

The weekend came and Joe's sister Jen and her girlfriend Michelle came to visit from California. We all went to dinner for his dad's b-day and to see Jen. Sunday we had a turkey dinner at Joe's parent's. On Monday we met Jen and Michelle, Joe's cousin Darren and his wife Stacey and Joe's mom up in Park City. We got there just after noon. At around 3ish Joe took Brynn and his mom home. Darren and Stacey went home as well. I stayed with Ry Ry. We left Park City at 7pm!!! We had a blast shopping though. Then we went to the Gateway Mall. Met up with Joe's other sister Jackie and her daughter Samantha and Darren& Stacey again. We did some more shopping and then went to dinner. After that we went to go see the lights at Temple Square. We got there just as they turned them off.... It was sad....

Ry was the best through the whole thing even if he did puke at the Java Cow.... (he drank his hot choc too fast)


Holly said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the leg lamp. It made me laugh out loud. Thanksgiving looked like a huge success, and a lot of work. :)

Sonja said...

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