Monday, November 19, 2007

Big trouble for Ry Ry

Sundays I go to choir rehearsal. I usually get home pretty late. This sunday was no different. I expected to come home to a quiet house. Relax, get a snack and go to bed.

Yah right.....

Joe answered the door (I got a ride) and looked very frustrated. When I asked about it he said "come see for yourself." He proceeded to go up the stairs. I removed my heels and followed. When we arrived in Brynn and Ryan's room Joe advised me not to come in with bear feet. Thats when I saw glass EVERYWHERE.

Ryan had been purposefully throwing things at his light to see IF it would break. Dash finally broke the light......

His punishment? Well I have to go get a new light fixture.... I told Ryan that his punishment will be when I go to IKEA to get a new light he will not be coming with me. You would have thought I told him his dog was dead! He is not happy about his punishment. I say GOOD!


Janelle said...

Holy cow, I don't know if I can handle having a boy. I don't know what I would do. Camille mentally challenges me by whining all the time, but never something like that. Boys are just different and they scare me. I would not have been calm. I love how it matters to him that he can't go to IKEA with you, that is hilarious. See ya tomorrow.