Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taylor's Play

We had a HUGE crowd for closing night at Taylors play. She did her best performance. It was hard to get clear pictures with out a flash. Our camera will take action pictures but in the dark w/o a flash anything that moves is all blurry. So there are some shots of Tay that are clear but everyone else around her is blurry. We also got video of her and her lines but Joe hasn't downloaded the video camera yet.

I wish we had video taped the WHOLE thing that night it was AWESOME!!!! I will see if someone recorded that nights performance. It was closing night so I think someone must have. There is a scene where Scrooge (He is Eric Jensen and owner of the theater) is getting ready for bed. He comes out in a red and white striped night gown but his pants are still on. The narrator (Charles Dickens) comes out and has a conversation with him about the fact that he is going to bed in his trousers. Scrooge tells him normally he doesn't but there were allot of people out there watching. Dickens then tells him that they are paying customers and he should give them their moneys worth. We had seen this 4 times already and the last time I made a plan. Joe and I had front row seats. We started calling to him and threw money at him and held up dollar bills. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! He loved it the audience ate it up. It was a RIOT!!!

Then there is a tinky winky part. Supposed to be about going #1 and then Eric got up on a support stage left behind a side curtain and poked his head out with a giant sun shaped piece of foam!!! He was giggling like a baby it was so funny. The whole night the entire cast stepped it up to give the most hilarious show ever.

After the show Eric and Sandy both said they want Tay to come back for the next 2 shows they will have kids in. She is so excited and I have loved working with them as a parent.


AmyT said...

Hey Jennifer- I feel bad that I missed Taylor's play! We had talked about it when you were last in to see me at the dentist. Bummer deal. It sure looks like she did a great job! What a cutie! You blog is great...I finally did my own blog with the help of my sister(she has been bugging me forever to do one), so take a look at it when you get a chance. I need to be better about keeping it up to date... Anyway, hope you are doing well! I am sorry to hear about all of your surgeries. It sure doesn't sound fun. :)