Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Come One, Come All to the State Fair!!

We had a great time at the fair Monday night. We met up with the Marshes. Chris is Joe's boss during the day. Lindsay is my friend and all the kids are great friends. They had the best time with each other!

We met up in the rabbits and from there went and saw all the other livestock, the fruits and vegetables. We saw a magic show but Chris and I agreed that it felt more like we were watching a televangelist perform tricks! LOL!!! It was pretty lame.....

From there we went and ooo'd and ahhh'd over the tigers from India. They were pretty neat! And so pretty. We headed over to see the Funniest kids competition. It wasn't all that funny.... so we left and caught the end of the reptile show. It was so cool! I got there and in a good position just in time to be picked to go and pick up a GIANT tortoise!!! That was pretty cool and the kids thought I was awesome! The kids got to have a boa draped around their shoulders. Ry started freaking out. Last week he had a dream that a snake bit him and was trying to eat him. We made him touch it and really look at it. Now he is just fine and likes snakes again.

We ran across the street to get McD's for the kids. Came racing back in time for the kids to squeeze their way up in to the front area to see the tiger show. They loved it. Except K pushed Ry and he hit his head on a wheelchair. So he came out crying and Joe had to take him off somewhere to get him to quit crying. I was walking around the back of nearly 1000 people TRYING to get pics of the tiger show. I finally got a pretty decent location but had to stand on my tip toes to get any pics. The show ended and we all regrouped but we couldn't find Joe or Ryan. We finally all came together. The Marshes went on their way home and we stayed for another hour and got treats and walked around.

It was a fun filled night. The kids all had a great time. Next year I think we will use the all day ride pass deal if they do it again.