Monday, March 24, 2008

What a weekend!!

We had a busy Easter weekend.

Friday Joe and I had a wedding lunch to go to at the Lion House for one of his co-workers. That evening I had a girls night out with Joelle, Lisa, Stacey and my sister Emily came along for the first time. We had a great time! I am so mad that I didn't bring the camera though! We went to the mall and got pedicures then to Johnny Carino's for dinner. We requested the server we had back in October but they had just sat his table so we got his cousin Tim. He was just as awesome! We stayed til midnight just talking. It was SOOOOOOOO fun!

Saturday we went to Logan. On our way there we saw the COOLEST thing EVER!!!!! The REAL lion (soccer team mascot) was riding his Harley down the freeway!! With our new camera Joe was able to get a perfect picture of his waving at us as we all went 75 down the freeway! We went to Logan for 2 reasons. My cousin Linda got married that morning. Her reception was that afternoon. Also my brother Brad (who lives in Logan)was laying laminate flooring in his front room and hall. We are planning to do that in our house so Joe wanted to see how to do it. We spent the better part of teh day there and left at 5. We had to race home to make it for the Annual Neighborhood Candy Toss in Mary's yard.

We pulled in as they were throwing the last bag of candy out. We made it just in time. The kids had a blast. That night I braved the culinary arts and baked a 3" deep 12" cake. The cake didn't fall!!! I got the house ready for the Easter Bunny and went to bed.

Sunday. The big day! The Easter Bunny did not disappoint. The kids ransacked their candy and got ready for church. We have 9am church. Go there. Sang in sacrament in the ward choir then after sacrament meeting went to another church to sing in their sacrament meeting with my choir. Then I raced back home to make Easter dinner. My whole family here in Utah came. There were 21 of us. My sunflower cake was the best cake ever!!! It turned out perfect! As we were finishing up the last minute things for dinner we took all the kids out for the Easter egg hunt. We had over 90 eggs hidden. I'm not sure they all got found.... But the important ones were. We hid HUGE silver, gold and 2 colored ones for special prizes. Dinner turned out well. It was so fun being with my family and enjoying the special day. After dinner we did 4 birthdays. Camille had her birthday ON Easter!!! It will never be that day for over 100 yrs! It was very exciting!

Camille turned 3.

Emily's was on the 20th.

Sarah's is the 29th
(same as mine and Joe's anniversary)
She will be 15

Janelle's is April 4th or 5th
(which one Janelle?)

But Mom will be out of town, Brad and Janelle will be in Arizona and we will be in Disneyland so we celebrated early. We sat around and talked for a while then it was time to go. Later that night we watched Enchanted then went to bed.


Thayer & Associates said...

It looks like it was a happy Easter and fun to, you did a good job. Its just me Leanna saying hi.