Thursday, May 3, 2007

Year at a glance

Well most people do their yearly letters at Christmas time but we aren't most people.
Last year at this time we were finally settling into our new home in Riverton, Ut. We are loving it out here. We live on a circle so the kids get to play outside alot. Our ward is great and we have many new and old friends around us. The world is so small. We have met so many people with connections to others we know. We love our new home. It is so warm and inviting. It is great for parties which most of you know is good since I am the party queen.

Once we felt settled we decided to add a few luxuries. We got a hot tub (we had to sell the other house. I didn't want to. I got a hot tub :) ) We bought a much needed truck and Joe got a motorcycle. We also got a tent trailer to go camping as a family more often, and I got my dog! She is an English Mastiff and is the sweetest thing on earth. She was a very naughty puppy. She didn't eat shoes. She went for sofas, hot tub covers, gazebos ect... But we love her! She and Chewie (our Sheltie) are good friends.

Summer brou
ght lots of sun and plenty of camping and all the kids birthdays. Taylor got a dirt bike and loves riding it.
Joe got out on his dirt bike a couple times and crashed a bunch. Katya was baptized in July of 06. Anja came to visit from Germany and the 2 of us went to California for 10 days. That was a BLAST!

The girls started at a new school in the fall. They love it and its a great school. They get to ride their bikes to school even! Katya is in 3rd grade and will soon be 9. Taylor is in 2nd grade and will be baptized in 4 weeks! They have grown up so fast. Brynn has been going to Pre-school and loves every minute of it. She is one of the smartest in her class. Ryan is a handful and has been since he could walk. Most of my entries will be about him I am afraid. He is always doing something he shouldn't. Or saying something so dang cute you bust out laughing.
Halloween was fun. They actually got to go Trick-or-Treating with out the fear of being on a busy street! It was so fun! Thanksgiving was up at my sisters in Idaho. Christmas was here at our house as was New Years. See.... party animals!

In January we brought a Korean exchange student into our family. Her name is Zi-hyun Lee. (pronounced gzeehun) She is a great kid and fits right into our family. January left and the promise of Spring was finally in the air.

February marked the 1 year we have been in our home. The end of Feb I had surgery. I got new boobs! It is great feeling and looking like a woman! I am enjoying the fact that clothes fit right and I don't have to wear a bra that is 1" thick of padding. I also cut and dyed my hair. I am a whole new me!

March, Joe and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We had planned to go on a Mexican cruise but the truck had other ideas and we had to use our Mexico $$ to pay for repairs. We are hoping Oct we can go to Mexico though. Instead we went to Logan and enjoyed all it has to offer. We stayed at the Anniversary Inn. My favorite one by far!

April 24th was my 30th birthday and the birthday of my new niece Madelyn! I am so excited to share my birthday with her and my G-ma as well. What a great day! Joe gave me a trip to see my best friend Holly in Palm Springs!! I can't wait to go!

Well here we are back in May. That was a very condensed version of our year. I will try to post more often.