Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good news and bad news

The good news is I went to California to have a break so I could be able to handle the up coming super summer we have going on.
I had the best trip! My best friend Holly (who lived behind us at the old house in West Jordan) moved to Palm Desert(Indio), Ca just a couple weeks after we moved to Riverton last year.
I spent 5 glorious days in the hot sun. It was great! 105 deg weather, palm trees, good food, movies, shopping, parties, meeting new friends, more food, swimming..... need I go on?? I was sad to return and even more so when I got here and it was so cold! I miss the sun and the palm trees and my friend. Oh and no responsibilities the part was nice too.
Now I am home and am planning a short notice b-day party for Tay. We were going to have it June 8th but Zi-hyuns father emailed while I was in Ca to say that her flight will leave that day (so sad!) So having a party that day doesn't really work so well. I can't do it next week because it is her baptism (Sat June 2nd 12600 S 3200 W time ?) then the next week Zi-hyun leaves us (Sad again) the week after that is Katya's birthday and the week after that I will be in Virginia. Do we have enough going on?

Now for the bad news. Corde , our mastiff, has not been eating for a few days. Then yesterday she startled vomiting bile. So today I took her in. They did x-rays and found obstructions in her digestive system. The only way to save her is surgery. $1500 surgery. Its either that or loose her. I am at such a loss as to what to do. The thought of spending that much on a pet makes me sick but the thought of loosing her makes me sick too. Joe says she is my dog so it is my decision as to what to do. I don't want this choice. Either way we loose something of great value and I am a bad guy. I suppose a nights sleep will help. I will decide in the morning.


Janelle said...

I am glad that you had a fun trip in CA, I wish I could travel. I don't think Bradley would let me go without him though, so Joe is very understanding. I am so sorry about Corde. That would be a really hard decision to make. On one hand it is just a pet, but on the other hand pets become part of your family. Good luck.

grumpygramps said...
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