Sunday, May 27, 2007

Birthday party and tears

Well I made it! I planned Taylors birthday party in 5 days and kids actually came!

She had a great birthday. The girls made jewelry and pizzas.
Then it was time for gifts. After the gifts the pizzas were ready they ate pizzas and went in the hot tub.

After that it was cake and ice cream time.

Then the tears began.

One of the girl's family has a no sleepover rule. It was very hard for her to not get to sleep over. All the kids were talking about what they were going to do later that night. We had to put a stop to that. Her parents didn't come on time so she began to think they forgot her. She thought for sure she was going to sleep over. But they came and there were more tears. We finally compromised and Maddie was to come back for breakfast. Later that night around midnight one of the girls woke and was sleep walking. When she finally came to she began to cry and really wanted to go home. So I took her home.
The next morning I began to loose my patience. One of the girls peed on my couch in her sleep. Then the same girl and 2 others got in the hot tub when I specifically said no. They did this while the others were running across the circle to the yard sale I told them they couldn't go to. I finally got them all in the house and doing something quiet when the doorbell rang. Our old neighbor was there to collect the things we had been storing for them when they moved. The kids thought it would be a good idea to get in the uhaul truck and they knocked over the grill and broke it!!!!!!! Luckily it was 10 and all the moms started coming. I was done.

Now I am getting ready for 40 or so people to come for Taylors baptism. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am the party queen.....