Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Puppies!!!

What a day! Corde is exhausted and so am I.
(the details are mostly for my benefit so I have them saved somewhere)

Her temp dropped Saturday afternoon meaning we had 2-12 hrs before she began active labor. We had a b-day party for Joe's dad at 2! So we hauled her with us to Red Robin and I checked on her every 20 min. No puppies. Thank goodness my car was saved!

We chill at home the rest of the day hopeful they come soon. With Joe gone in Seattle I am not sleeping well so 930 rolled around and I was dead tired. I put the older girls in charge and went to sleep. At 11:30pm I woke up in a panic. Ran down stairs to find she was beginning!!!

3:35am her first puppy was born. It all went smooth and with out complication! She is a brindle and 23.56oz .

A short while later like 5 min (I was laying on the couch at this point) she came to the edge of the caged area whining. I went to her and saw blood. I had just figured it was from the placenta from the pup she had just had. I wish I had known better...

3 hrs later she delivered a full grown good size still born. It was her placenta that ruptured causing her to suffocate and delaying the birth. We both cried. It was a very sad moment.

At 6:50am a healthy girl came tearing out feet first. I helped her along and she is also a beautiful brindle and 21.84oz.

At 8:25 am a baby (no gender) came through who had stopped development quite some time ago. Corde was ok with this one.

8:37 a baby boy came literally climbing out. He is the biggest so far weighing in at 25 oz He is also brindle. I began thinking "I hope we get some other colors soon!!"

After I wrote this I went upstairs to find another puppy!! She was tired and hadn't started cleaning it. I thought we were going to loose her. I rubbed and rubbed and finally she screamed.
9:35am 22.72oz

They all came pretty much every hour after that.
F - 12:10pm 22.12oz
M - 1:45pm 21.87oz
M - 2:45pm 19.12oz
M - 3:19pm 22.22oz

At 3:19 we had 8 living and 2 that hadn't made it. She still looked too big. I felt around and felt another puppy. An hour later nothing. She just slept. No contractions nothing. I called the after hours vet. They said to watch her for another 20 min. If no contractions then bring her in.

So at 4:40 we were in the car. Got to the office and waited another 30 minutes!!! Finally the dr comes in. She immediately starts grilling me on how thin Corde is and saying how we should do all these tests ect... like I am negligent. I tell her I have already discussed my concerns about her weight with HER dr and they were going to run blood tests after she had the puppies. UGH!

They do the x-ray and she says it showed 3 more puppies!! They also wanted me to run a blood panel on her in case her levels were off ect... At this point I had had 4 hrs of sleep in the last 48 hrs. I called Joe he said to wait. I was concerned about how skinny she was and how she had dropped so much and so fast. He said to call our friend who breed dogs. She suggested that they give her a calcium shot and see if that helps induce that labor and help her with her energy. But also that the dr is correct in being concerned.

The vet was concerned not knowing my dogs history ect that she could kill her if she did that. I think they just wanted me to pay out the nose... I finally gave in. Of course all her tests came back normal. They gave her a shot of pit to induce labor and sent us on our way. ( I wasn't going to pay more for the dr to not watch her like a hawk) We get half way home and she has a pup in the car! I was in the left lane going straight at a red light. As soon as I heard her licking I gunned it through the light and turned right in front of the guy next to me and stopped the car got out and tried to save it. I think this puppy was dead before he was born.

We made it home and finally at 8pm she had another pup. He was hard to get out. He will be the largest of the litter when he is grown. 23.21oz. He wasn't breathing but was trying. I worked on him for 30 min when finally he cried out. That was the sweetest sound in the world. I want to keep him.

I waited til 11:30pm for the last pup. None came so I called it a very long day and went to bed until it was time to feed them again. We are keeping them separated to sleep so she doesn't accidentally squish them.


Janelle said...

Wow what a traumatic yet wonderful experience. It is kind of making me think twice about breeding Honey. So how many total survived. I can't believe she had what 13 in her? What does brindle mean, I am assuming it has to do with coloring? Anyway glad it is over and how you guys can enjoy the puppies and that no more accidents happen! They are so cute, hope we can see them when we come down.