Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time Flies...

...When your life is INSANE!!

I can't believe it has been over 2 months since I last blogged!!! As usual it has been crazy in the Eames house.

The kids have been super busy with soccer and dance and school. They are now all in this years Christmas show at the OBT. X-MAS MEN!!

Katya - began Irish dance lessons and loves it! She is doing well in school and has been chosen to participate in a talented and gifted program for those with high reading and English scores. She is really excited!

Taylor - is LOVING being goalie. She loves her soccer team and has also been taking private futsal (footworking tricks) lessons. Tay also got glasses! Not sure where my kids are getting it... Joe and I both don't have glasses. Well just 4 days after she got them she was reffing a tether ball game (she couldn't play as she had broken her thumb playing tether ball just the day before) She got whacked in the head with the tether ball and her glasses broke! *sigh*

Brynn - is just plugging along. She hasn't found anything besides acting that she really enjoys doing. Except torturing her brother. She is doing well in school and really likes 2nd grade.

Ryan - is finally done with soccer! Woo hoo! Tuesdays were killing me! He is really excited to be in the play with "real X-Men"

Since my last blog this is what has happened.

  • I placed my last student!!!!!!! We're going to ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • B-day party for Isaac Platt in Sugar house
  • G-pa Eames took the kids to teach them to golf and we lost Katya
  • Anja came and we had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun with her!
  • All my foreign students arrived
  • Celebrated part of Brynn's b-day at the OBT (her party will have a blog)
  • Took Anja and Zi-hyun to Bear Lake with me for the choir trip(look for its own blog too!)
  • We all (except zi-hyun :( ) went to Las Vegas and California and had a BLAST!!!!!! (separate blog)
  • Anja and I went to the Great Salt Lake for sunset
  • We had Zi-hyun's birthday at a Korean restaurant
  • One of my students ran away back to Thailand
  • We also celebrated G-ma Eames b-day and Anja's b-day and Zi-hyun's with the rest of the family
  • I took the exchange students to Park City. They LOVED the Alpine slide!
  • Celebrated my sister Melissa's b-day
  • Took the kids to the zoo again this time with G-ma Eames
  • Canned 10lbs of chicken and some pears
  • Made Halloween gingerbread house
  • Went with Ryan's class to the zoo
  • Been looking up places to eat and see in NYC and Italy!
  • Joe and I went on a diet for 11 days. Lost 9 lbs! We are doing it again!

So been busy to say the least. Watch for the other blogs. They will have pictures


Janelle said...

I have never tried canning chicken, but that sounds like a really good thing to have in your food storage. As always I am shocked and amazed at home much you guys pack into life :) Have a blast in Italy!