Thursday, October 11, 2007

A small miracle

Last week a small miracle took place in our home.

Last Wednesday night we noticed our new baby kitty Captain Jack had not been seen since the previous afternoon. We started looking everywhere for him. 1 am came and went and still no sign so i went to bed.

As Wednesday progressed me and Joe retraced our steps of the previous day. I had spent ALL day painting Tay's room. At one point Joe left on the motorcycle to the video store. Just before he started it the kitten jumped up under the truck. I waited to laugh as he started to bike to see the cat run from under but didn't see him. I figured he had run out the other side where I couldn't see. Just over an hour later Joe left with the kids for their soccer game. I finished my painting and met them there. We came home and went through the motions. After we concluded that it was quite possible that he had stayed under the truck and gone for a ride I admitted defeat and went to bed.

Thursday morning I decided I had better call the animal control for Riverton to see if they had scraped him off the road.... no answer. So I got in the car and drove the way Joe had gone to soccer to see if I saw him off to the side anywhere. No sign. I wasn't encouraged though. The day before I had sent the kids off to look for him around the neighborhood. Maybe he was stuck in a garage.... My friend Emily called to say they had seen a cat on the road. I went and checked it out. It wasn't him but as I drove past not even 24 hrs later looking for Captain Jack the cat from the day before was gone. I went home sad. An hour later animal control called. Said they had not scraped a cat up matching his description but they had received a phone call from a man who had a very scared hungry kitten in their window. She said I should go check it out. I called the man and he said he had a kitten who was black and white and REALLY wanted to get in his house. I raced to his home and followed him to the back yard. There was Captain Jack!!!!!!

He was SOOOOOOO happy to smell me! Here in lies the miracle. We live on 13400 S and 2700 W. He was found on 12600 S and 3400 W!!! 15 blocks away!!! It was rush hour when he took his ride. He should have been squished.

We are so happy to have him back home and know that the Lord was watching out for him and us that day. It may not be much to some but to us it was a great blessing.


Holly said...

I am so glad you found your kitty. Poor little guy must have been so scared. I have linked you up with my blog. (I hope that's ok.) Mine is if you want to link back. It has been really fun because the boys love to see the pictures of their friends. It makes it feel like we are not so far away. Lovin Ya, Holls