Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Fair

After Brynn's party on Friday we hadn't tortured ourselves enough with fun so we decided to go to the County Fair. We had such a good time! We walked around to all the booths that businesses had up and then we walked around the outside stuff and saw all the rides, the end of the demolition derby, games to play and TONS of food. We went to the petting zoo. Ryan does not like goats we found out. Poor kid. Joe kept forcing him to feed the goats. Ry thought they were going to bite him. The goats kept following him cuz they thought he had a treat. It was too funny!

We had a light dinner there at the fair and then let the kids go pick out what stuff they wanted to buy or do. They each got $4. Then the fireworks began. They were fun to watch. If you go next year don't watch them from the gravel area near the food. All the fall out was landing all around us!

Brynn really wanted to go on the Strawberry ride and Ryan didn't use all his $4 so the 2 of them and 2 kids we don't know rode the Berry-Go-Round. At one point Ryan was on top of the disk in the middle that you pull on to make the car spin. I wish I had gotten a picture before he got down. It was so funny!

After the ride we got cotton candy and went home.