Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Day Family Runion

I love family reunions! They are so much fun! I decided to go a day early with all the kids and met up with few of the family that had decided to go Thursday. We almost didn't get to go because there was a HUGE fire in that canyon and we weren't sure it would be out or it could have gone into Fountain Green and burnt the campground down ect.. but 2 days before we were to got they opened the a canyon.

When we arrived a storm was on the horizon but I had hoped it would miss us. It didn't.... It DUMPED buckets on us. So we all stayed in our cars til it cleared. I got out as it was dying down afraid it would pick back up so I wanted to have the trailer up just in case it did. I ran out and opened the trailer a bit and got my bag out and put it in the truck and grabbed my sweatshirt. Threw it on and got the trailer set up. The storm never came back so we made camp. As everyone was showing up I had dinner almost ready to cook. I sent Tay to get the Dr Pepper for the beans out of the truck. A few hours later I realized that she had locked the keys in the truck!!! Fortunately nothing really important was in there except my clothes. We made it through the night. I stayed up with Brad and Janelle playing a dice game.

Then next day all the rest of us came and we had a great time. We went on a hike thr- ough Box Canyon WAY AWESOME! Came back and had dutch oven dinner then off to the
Nephi Pageant. It was about the Handcart companies that crossed the plains to SLC. It was pretty good! That night me and my brothers and sisters stayed up way late and sat around the campfire talking about us when were younger. Not having been a part of them at that time it was fun to hear all the stories and still feel connected.

Next morning we all had breakfast together and a bunch of people were finishing up Harry Potter. After breakfast the kids played in the water and we cleaned up camp. Then Joe took out the little 50 dirt bike and everyone took turns riding it. It was so fun! Even Dad got on and my uncle Sam. We all had a great time I wish everyone had come down Thursday.