Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a week (or so)!

We have been so busy I have not been able to post! After Ryan's 2nd b-day party it was the 4th and stupid me I didn't bring out the camera the whole time! We went back to Riverton Days and the kids watched some puppet shows and a magic show. Then we walked around at the booths and the girls got their hair all done up fancy with glitter and everything from the people at Sweet and Sassy. I don't know why I didn't take the camera out of the diaper bag! Their hair was SOOOO pretty! I found a new hair lady who also does waxing so i am excited! We ran into our neighbors from our old house Mike and Nikki and their little girl Bailey. The kids ran a relay race. Ry ry was SOOOOOO cute running the baton to his sister. We took the dogs with us and EVERYONE had to stop us to see Corde. We went over by the ponies and she was almost as big as the baby ponies! After the long day in the sun we went home to rest then we went to dinner and then fireworks with Jim and Joelle down to Thanksgiving Point. It was so nice!!!! The kids could just run around and it was safe and fun for everyone. Next year we will bring our fireworks and do those in the parking lot while everyone else tries to get out.

Thursday Joe and I went to see Transformers (Joe's 3rd time seeing it in 1 week!) with Darren and Stacie. It was AWESOME! What a good movie!!! Joe can't wait to take Ry.

Friday Joe and I went to Park City to hear about a timeshare up there and we got a FREE cruise out of it!!! We have to pay the port fees and taxes which will come to just under $600 total! And with deals on Jet Blue the airfare will be super cheap! So I am WAY excited and Joe is even more happy we chose to buy the Trendwest from my aunt.

On the 10th we got to go see Harry Potter a day early!!! On the IMAX in 3D!!! It was awesome to see it there but it didn't make it my fav movie. I just don't understand why Hollywood feels like they need to change something so perfect. Oh well.....

Wed was a water day at our neighbors and the kids had a blast and I had fun talking to adults.

Thursday we went out for Jackie and Russel's birthdays. It was a nice place up in Bountiful. We stayed for a while. Then we headed to G-mas for the kids to sleep over and Joe and I were going to go to Red Robin for dessert but when we got there there was a note on g-ma's door saying her sister(Denise) was there and that they had gone to the park for a bit while they waited for us to get back. Well she is Joe's fav aunt and her kids are his fav cousins so we waited for them to get back. We ahd a nice time talking til 11.

That weekend was the Dearing reunion (Jo-an's family) We spent the whole weekend with that side of the family. Mostly with Denise and her crew. Our kids LOVE Joe's cousin's kids. Friday they came to our house for the evening and we had a big dinner. We had the reunion Sat. up Hobble Creek Canyon then Sunday we went to church then we headed to the park by G-mas house to go play int eh water fountain with the cousins. When we got there a storm was blowing in so we turned around and went to g-ma's. They had plans to go to their cousin's (Jo-an and Denise's) for dinner. We hadn't planned on being at G-mas. Well G-ma called her cousin and invited us to come along. We had Navajo tacos. Oh yah by the way Denise is married to a Navajo. So they were REAL and SOOOOOOO yummy! They were so sad when the time came to an end. We decided in October when the kids are off track we will go to New Mexico for a week or so. That will be WAY fun! The kids can't wait!


Janelle said...

Wow I haven't read anyone's blogs for a long time. You sure are having an eventful summer. Your trip back east sounded awesome. I wish that I could travel. I can't believe you will have 3 kids in school. Ryan will love getting all the attention, at least for half the day.