Monday, July 2, 2007

Ryan is 3 years old!!!!

WOW!!!!!! He is 3 already. He is growing up so fast and just becoming the sweetest devil in the world! We had a party for him last night at G-ma and G-pa Days house.

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Today we went to the Children's Gardens at Thanksgiving point. We were supposed to go to Dino Museum but Ry had taken off his shoes just before we left and then got in tot eh truck and in his seat by himself so we never saw he took off his shoes.... So we didn't go to the museum. At the children's gardens they have a water fountain/splash pool to play in. We ll we had planned to go to the museum so we had no suits. Then I realized I for got the diaper bag. In it was the camera!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! So I got NO pictures of my kids SOAKING wet in their clothes. But you can imagine right?

We will have another party for him tomorrow night. I will add pics from that party later.

Well its WELL after the party we had for him but better late then never. It was supposed to be just Joe's family but pretty soon it became a whole lot of people. Joe's parents came and his sister and her family. Then we thought we should invite Russel's sister Shelley and her family, then we realized that Joe's cousin Darren has his boy who is Ryan's age so we should invite them too, then our friends Joelle and Jim have Caleb that is Ry's age too. Then since we were having a big party we might as well invite the kids' surrogate aunt and uncle Russ and Sara(Danita's brother and his wife) He comes for the Guitar Hero. It was a great time had by all. I made bbq ribs which almost didn't turn out. I went to the store to get more ribs and bought what said boneless. Yah they weren't. I didn't think they would be done in time. But they were. Then I went to frost the cake. Tipped it out of the pan and it broke. So Joe had to go and get a cake last minute and he was already late from seeing a movie with the guys at work. It all worked out in the end and everyone had a great time. The next morning Joe found the gifts from my mom so Ry got to open those too. What a great 3rd b-day!