Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The $100 penny

A few nights ago I came down to talk to Joe who was working. The older girls were leaving to go to the neighbor girls b-day party. Ryan came down and informed us he had swallowed a quarter.
I asked him "What color was this quarter?
He said "Brown."
I told him "It was a penny. You will be fine and tomorrow it will come out your bum!"
He laughed and said "My throat hurts"
He wanted Daddy to hold him. So I went upstairs and sent the girls out the door and went to finish cleaning out the hot tub so I could refill it. While I was out there with the shop vac going things were being thrown at me and Joe was yelling at me. So I turned it off and yelled back at him "WHAT??"
"Somethings wrong. Ryan. Not waking up. We need to go!"
SO i ran down and shook him and got him to respond but he kept wanting to go to sleep. We got him in the car and left Brynn at the neighbors at the party. We get to the ER and he was doing fine. His pulse ox was fine but they wanted to see where the penny was in case other damage was being done. We get back there take x-rays and it was all the way to his intestines! They gave him some snacks to make sure he hadn't eaten anything else that wasn't showing up on the x-ray. While we sat there Ry kept saying his throat still hurt. We asked if where the penny was and he said "right here!" and then he opened his mouth real big!!
In the end he was just fine. He just wanted a nap! So after the $100 co-pay we took him home.

That is the story of the $100 penny


Janelle said...

Wow super scary. I am glad that it all turned out. Why do kids eat everything that they see. I mean you think that after trying dirt once they wouldn't go back to it time and time again. WEll Maddie's screaming for milk...gotta go. Your labor day pictures looked like great fun.