Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Katya's birthday

Well it was an eventful day. Katya wanted a sleep-over. What I didn't realize was that her friends are JUST LIKE HER!

She had an American Idol party. They danced and sang and were having a great time. They did the Macarana and a few other songs. Then it was time to eat, do presents and have cake and ice cream. Then hot tub time. After that they were just having a great time hanging out until someone suggested they play a "game". The game was American Idol and people were making up rules left and right and assigning roles that people didn't want ect.... The girls were all fighting. Katya was crying and proclaiming this was the worst b-day ever! We had girls threatening to to "just leave" and then they would all rally to her and say no don't go...

So they stopped that game and went out side and began a new one and every one was fighting and screaming at each other out side!!!! So we got that under control and it was starting to get dark. We put on a movie. Finally no one was angry and anyone else. One girl wasn't feeling well so she went home. After that is was quite peaceful. They even fell asleep early. The next morning we had breakfast and Katya went to her friends house and then to another friends house. She was gone all day and had a blast.